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Thanks for 20 Amazing Years!!

  • 10.17.17
  • 2 min read

Last month Christian Brothers Roofing celebrated twenty years in business. Owner and President Gary Jenkens founded a company that would be based on honesty and integrity in 1997.

Your Roof Wants to Vent!

  • 07.18.17
  • 4 min read

In the summer, the attic is hot and the shingles even hotter. The vents on your roof are a critical component of the roofing system.

Choose the Right Roof

  • 05.23.17
  • 2 min read

According to GAF, the roof can represent up to forty percent of your home’s curb appeal. This is a large, long-term decision, so choose wisely.

Buying a House. . . What About the Roof?

  • 04.11.17
  • 3 min read

Incurring a large expense in order to sell a home is one of the last things a seller wants to do.

Select The Best Roofing Contractor

  • 03.13.17
  • 3 min read

Finding the right company to replace your roof is more important than one might think.

When Should I Call My Insurance Company?

  • 02.13.17
  • 3 min read

Insurance companies define storm damage as a sudden, instant occurrence. Storm damage is also subjective depending on which dictionary is being used.


  • 01.17.17
  • 3 min read

The days following a snow storm, you may have noticed a leak or damage to your ceiling. If it has never appeared before, even during heavy blowing rains, then there is a good chance you have an ice dam.

The Roll on Felt

  • 12.19.16
  • 2 min read

Felt paper’s purpose is not to make the roof waterproof. In fact, the purpose of an underlayment is to protect the wood sheathing from any condensed moisture on the underside of the shingles.


  • 11.16.16
  • 2 min read

Winter is around the corner. Address any roof repairs or issues before snow and ice worsen the problem. Here we will examine the most common sources of roof leaks.