We’re The Experts In Shingle Installation

At Christian Brothers, shingles are our specialty. We understand that your roof is more than just an aspect of your house. It’s a system that protects your home and your family, and that means it needs the best products delivered through the best personal service.

Fresh shingles aren’t just routine maintenance – they’re a way to invest in the home that keeps you safe and dry. With our wide variety of styles and color selections, shingles are also a great way to spruce up your home. Your roof can make or break the appearance of your house, but the right shingles can transform the look of your house, tie together your home’s visual elements or even serve as a creative focal point. If your house needs a pop of color, you can consider selecting shingles with a rich hue to complement your home’s siding or brick. If your home’s exterior is already vibrant, understated shingles in cool tones can be an excellent choice. When paired with beautiful siding or new gutters, the possibilities for enhancing your home’s aesthetic are endless.

Shingles are cost-effective and available in a variety of colors and unique designs.

  • 3-tab Fiberglass Asphalt Strip Shingles: “Classic, traditional look”
  • Architectural / Dimensional / Laminate Shingles: “Right combination of beauty, performance and reliability”
  • Premium Designer Shingles: “Shingles that emulate the rich look of natural materials like wood and slate”

See a few examples of our shingles below, or view our full photo gallery.